Check out what the "talented" half of the Babb's has created...
Felted rendition of our peacocks! Just goes ta' show ya' what
you can do when the creative juices get flowing!

Felted Llama Fiber - Peacock


Valley Miniature Llamas is proud to be able to offer luxurious llama yarns and rovings from our own lovely miniature llamas, processed by one of the premiere mini mills in the industry.  Now is your chance to create that special project with the fiber that is lightweight, warm and hypoallergenic. read that right.  Even if you are allergic to wool, you can comfortably wear llama fiber.  And if that wasn't enough, we offer you the opportunity to come to our farm and select a llama specifically for its color and fiber quality...then when that llama is shorn, you can either have it's fiber spun to your specifications, or if you are a spinner, you can have the fiber of your dreams to work your own magic.  So...spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters and even felters....Let us be the source for your fiber.  You won't be sorry!


We are delighted to announce that rovings, 3 ply sport weight yarn in various colors as well as custom woven llama rugs from our
acular herd of Miniature Llamas has now arrived from our custom mill and is waiting for YOU on our shelves. Yes! Right here in Berea, Kentucky...the Arts and Crafts capital of Kentucky, you can acquire this awesome specialty fiber to create your one of a kind project from your heart.

Be among the first to respond...goods of this quality will not last long!

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Oh Yum...chocolate yarn! charcoal with flecks midnight & smoke...rovings

Oh how yummy...Chocolate Colored
Llama Yarn to make that special project!

$6 per ounce


For that "Tweed Look" we offer this gorgeous charcoal with flecks!

$6 per ounce

For those of you that wish to create your own yarn...we offer these beautiful
ready to spin rovings.

$3 per ounce.

24X36 llama rug
rug yarn
24x45 llama rug

Genuine Kentucky Llama Fiber Handwoven Rug

Mid Weight Llama Yarn...can be used for weaving
Can be used for cute creations like the hat shown below. $4.50 per ounce
Genuine Kentucky Llama Fiber Handwoven Rug

So get those creative juices flowing...
Create something or decorate your home with something that is


Mid Weight Yarn Hat Thank You for your support
of the American Farmer
and Craftspeople!

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