Llama Owner/Breeder - Voluntary Assurance of Ethics

As a llama owner/breeder committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards for my industry,
 I vow to the following:


I.   I will treat everyone who comes to me in my capacity as a llama owner/breeder as I would want to be treated, with fairness and honesty.
II.  I will willingly share my pertinent knowledge and experiences with prospective and new owner/breeders and will endeavor at all times to either provide them with factual answers to their questions and concerns or refer them to someone who can.
III.  I will make a full and complete disclosure of any facts known to me concerning any animals sold by me which might adversely affect the price a buyer is willing to pay for that animal.
IV.  I will at all times refrain from doing or saying anything which might adversely affect the business or reputation of my fellow owner/breeders, however, when asked I will speak the truth of my experience.
V.  I will at all times promote my own business in a positive way so as to bring credit to me, my business, my national associations and my fellow owner/breeders.


  ~ Sales Contract ~

Valley Miniature Llamas feels very strongly that a written contract should be used for the sales of llamas.  This is for the protection of both the BUYER and the SELLER.  Below is our standard contract, of course variations may be necessary to accommodate a specific situation.  If we say it, we'll put it in writing!!! 


John K. Babb

Click on the link below to see our sales contract in Adobe Reader:

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