The most commonly asked question regarding a miniature or (mini) llama is,
"What is it used for?"


There are a number of uses for the mini llama. The first and probably most popular is simply as a pet.

Because the mini llama is so small, they're big hits at nursing homes, school programs, and even church events. Some of these groups will even pay you to attend!

Llamas must pass a screening with the Delta Society and be certified as a therapy animal before being allowed to enter health care facilities, etc. With certification and the small size, a mini with the right temperament is a natural for Animal Assisted Therapy certification!  Especially if handled as crias, which is done on our farm, they are EXTREMELY friendly animals which crave your attention.

There is no better animal than the mini llama for a small farm animal pet. A "mini" consumes only 3% of their body weight in hay and grain per day.  A mini llama weighs an average of 200 pounds.  The few pounds of hay, including feed needed per day when pregnant, growing, or working, is much less expensive than the food for your average dog. Depending upon your mini llama's body weight, metabolism, and the weather, which if hot, they often need no feed at all but only quality hay or pasture.

A very simple worming and vaccination program, worked out with your vet, makes llamas extremely "EASY KEEPERS."

An occasional toe trimming is needed from time to time as necessary. "Useful Llama Items" sells the toenail clippers at a very low price and, with practice, it is a simple task you can do yourself. Also, with the miniature or (mini) llama, I have found it NOT necessary to own or use a "chute" for treating them or vaccinating them, as they are so easy to handle.

Shearing them, at least around the "barrel" or mid-section, is essential in the summer to help them feel cool and happy.  PLUS, you can sell the fiber and make a profit. It is a WIN-WIN task!!!

Not to mention the miniature or (mini) llama will start conversations with people much faster than your average dog!!  With their beautiful "HUM"!!!  They are gorgeous and simply a pleasure to have around!

The "Great Pyrenees" breed of dog is an excellent guardian for llamas as well as many kinds of livestock.  We recommend this breed for livestock guardian dogs.  You will sleep well, because they are on duty!

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