Use this email address!

Valley Miniature Llamas
John K. Babb
4421 Copper Creek Rd.
Berea, Kentucky  40403 USA

This is important....I AM NOT good with details over the phone at initial contact...I'm far more interested in just chatting with you...

In order to ensure that I have your name, contact information and interests correct, please make your initial contact by email Sorry folks, but I take less than perfect notes when on the phone.
Phone: 859-925-2242
Cell: 859-544-7280

If your email program is not compatible with the email link, please use .

New And Important!!!

”I AM HAVING TROUBLE WITH ZYNGA WEB/ CHAPEL INTERNET EMAIL ADDRESS:  So, if you get a bounce back or problem with delivery to me please try my alternate email address at:
and if you did get a “bounce back or error message such as “undeliverable mail” on the
please tell me within the GMAIL address message so I can use this information to correct the problem.  Thank you,  John K. Babb”


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