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We live in a world inhabited with many wonderful exotic creatures.  One type in particular has us very excited.  The fuzzy, darling little miniature llama treasures have captured our hearts!  Want to know more???

Miniature llamas are rare!!  As of May 2011 there are only 992 miniature llamas registered in the USA and Canada: 176 foundation, 327 immature minis and 489 mature miniature llamas. The miniature or (mini) llama is the same species as the standard llama, but very small in size, making them easier to handle and easily owned by a wider section of people. Many people are already referring to them as the "backyard llama"!! They are the cutest animals ever.

A miniature or (mini) llama must be 38" or smaller at the withers to be registered or a female llama from 38" to 40" can also be registered and are called "Foundation Stock" by the AMLA.

You won't go broke feeding these guys and they can be kept in much smaller areas than the standard llama
... yes, including your back yard. The smaller the better, with excellent pedigrees, conformation, and gait.

Llamas are great for showing in 4-H, county fairs or sanctioned llama shows. They participate in parades, petting zoos, or taken to a school or church function as a public relations llama. They are used as a pack animal for campers or hikers, guard animals to protect goats or sheep, and don't forget the many uses for their wonderful wool. These little treasures are fuzzy little sweethearts that you'll want to love and hug. I love it when they "hum" to each other and to me!

This photo is quite an eye opener. A standard llama of the same mature age and sex compared to a mini! Come with us and "GET SMALL" fuzzy, friendly, and easy to handle. All of our Miniature Llamas are registered with the International Llama Registry (ILR) and the American Miniature Llama Association (AMLA).

Llamas come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The thickness of their wool also varies from light to medium to heavy. Depending upon the climate where you live and your use for the animal would decide which is best for you. All of the llamas raised here at Valley Stable are registered with the International Lama Registry and the American Miniature Llama Association.

Many people enjoy breeding and selling llamas. I, of course, fit into this category, as well as some of the others. The pleasure of breeding the animals and watching the cria (baby llama) grow is very rewarding to myself and others.

The miniature llama gives you the smaller size similar to an alpaca, but with the personality of their larger counterparts, the standard size llama!

The miniature llama gives you the best of both worlds.

Pictured above is one of our miniature male llamas, Orian. He is an exceptionally small miniature llama at his mature height (over three years of age) registered with the International Lama Registry (ILR) as well as the American Miniature Llama Association (AMLA), and he is half Argentine! The Argentine breed (bloodlines) are the rarest of all llamas in the U.S. and Canada with an estimated number of only some 350 pure bred, according to the Argentine Llama Aficionados.



This is one of our male peacocks...his tailspread is literally over 6 feet.
Please contact me if interested in Peafowl as we "hatch our own"!


To see a video of our guy strutting his stuff...Click HERE!

For delivery of our llamas, horses, or miniature donkeys to you,
please contact:  http://bhht.net/index.html for a truly professional, safe, and insured delivery experience.
We use them ourselves and have had nothing but wonderful customer service.

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